Where's the best to rest: Anapa or Gelendzhik?

Gelendzhik and Anapa are two Russian resorts. They have already the opposite for many years. This dispute has a place by the "tourist-fans" each city. We say about the best sides of these cities: "Where can I go with children?", "Where's the warm", "Where's the cheap?".

What's the city bigger?

The Anapa population a little more 75,000. Gelendzhik has more 76,000 people. Anapa has so many territories than Gelendzhik. The children territory is more 58 sq.m., Gelendzhik is 19 sq.m. You will think Anapa larger, but it's attracted a thousand of tourists. 

These resorts are readily provided to compares the highest level of services. The prices and food are different, but not too in 2 cities. The distance between Anapa-Gelendzhik on the route is 88 km. So it's a small difference in the cost of goods and services. You can get from Anapa to Gelendzhik for 2 hours. If you don't know about the choice of resort, can pay attention to other resorts and on the Black Sea.

Then, we give a few words about the main advantages of both resorts.


The Anapa Advantages

1. Anapa is still children resorts since the Soviet Period. Here's created the all condition for the rest just with children and a preschool-aged child. The main sights of Anapa are the aquapark, the park with attractions and central (children) park close by the medical beach. Here you can wait out the most strong hot with a pram and a sleeping baby or hide under the roof one of the attractions from summer cloudburst. Everybody is glad f guests in Gelendzhik, but entertainment not so fit for children.

2. There are gentle entrance and sandy beach in Anapa. It's a perfect condition for babies and the first meeting with big water. The water by the coast is already warmed up in June. The deep water is raised rather fast. So Gelendzhik has a pebble beach.

3. Anapa is a champion for the number of Sunny Days/ THey can be up to 287. It's warmer Gelendzhik than in more southern Sochi. But the average July temperature is a couple of degrees lower than in Anapa. 

4. Either you will easy get by train or by plane to Anapa. There is an own airport in this city, but the railway station is in the resort of area Dzhemete. You can't even go from the station to the center, but can stay on the famous snow-white beaches of the village. 

5. Anapa has a sand dune. The dunes are enriched in quartz in the area of Vityazevo. Many tourists ever take away bags of sand with them. 

6. Anapa has a wonderful promenade. It's the pride of the city and an ideal place for a summer photo session. That only there is no here: fountains, street actors, photographers and artists, bicycles rental and children cars, all kinds of cades and restaurants any levels. The promenade becomes a place for walking the couple with smart children in the evening. So, the promenade is on many resorts, but it has an especially mental atmosphere in Anapa. 



The Gelendzhik Advantages

1. As, you'll difficult get to Gelendzhik, so there are few campers even in the high season. The tourists will reach by the way of Novorossiysk in the city. It's not always comfortable.

2. There is an alga in Gelendzhik. The Black Sea is famous the sands. Really it's not comfortable to do go on the large pebbles. So, you should buy special shoes.

3. The young and active tourist will measure the Gelendzhik infrastructure in particular. Any entertainment is available all hours: night clubs, hookah, saunas. It has and in Anapa, but a slightly lower.

4. The around of Gelendzhik is glad an eye the different mountain view. The is resort spread in the shadow of mountains with a covering of plant. In any time you can go for a walk. It will be a test for body and spirit. 

5. The coast of Gelendzhik is one of the places, which the locals are proud of it. Here it's built according to the requirements a current camper. There are separate bicycle parks, which not walking moms with kids. At least, it shows the guests reviews in a network. Here you can warm uppon the simulators installed directly under the open sky. A real paradise for sports fans a and healthy lifestyle. 

6. In Gelendzhik has a dry climate the wet doesn't exceed 69% in summer. It's mean that the things washed for the night, bathing suit and towels will be dry in the morning. In Anapa isn't the wettest climate, but the figures are slightly higher and the average summer humidity is  72%. The things don't dry as fast as tourists want.


Where's the best: Anapa or Gelendzhik?

It depends on your personal preference and purpose trip. If you go to the rest with small kids and carry out each quiet hour of the vacation. You'll choose the Anapa. Here you can go by train or by plane, order the transfer. Then in 30 minutes, you can see, how your children will be splashing in warm water. Don't afraid that there will cover wave, but in the heat, you can go to the park and under the shade of trees to wait for the evening.

If you have a purpose of the margin of the sea. You should go to Gelendzhik with its pebble beach, clear water, and night clubs. The bravest and easiest to climb easily go from Gelendzhik on excursions to Sochi. It's enough to get to Tuapse (Three hours) and there every hour in the direct on of Sochi and the Olympic Park go comfortable trains "Lastochka".

Rest in Anapa

Rest in Gelendzhik